About Make A Smile

Make A Smile

 Make A Smile are Correction and Detention Industry volunteers from across the country who raise money, volunteer their time and talent to help others by restoring and building playgrounds. We came together after hurricane Katrina to help communities after a natural disaster, by rebuilding parks. By turning to the corrections industry for help, the Make A Smile  Foundation raises money for playgrounds where natural disasters occurred. It is our goal to provide a safe, fun, and enjoyable place for families and children to play. 

 In 2010, the corrections industry drew from within again. Fund-raising across the country raised money for our 2010 project – Cedar Rapids Iowa. In June 2010 Make A Smile volunteers descended upon Cedar Rapids Iowa where horrific flooding had occurred 2 years before. Working with neighborhood volunteers, Americore, the city, the parks department, local and state Corrections, Make A Smile restored and rebuilt Time Check Park. To see the project first hand follow this link –  youtube.com/user/makeasmileproject.

All of our projects are listed in the projects section tab.


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